The AIET has an excellent track record of placements, most of the alumni placed across the state in various sectors, functions, and levels. These alumni provide networking strengths and enable the continuous industry-academic interface. The launch pad for grooming begins on day one when the students come to our campus through very intensive induction schedule by the end of which student has designed a road map for the following years with the college. Industry-Academia Interface and Activities are designed with a lot of consideration to make a student desires to the industries and they act as milestones on their journey towards their placements.

At AIET, we prepare our students to become global managers. In the ever-changing global business scenario, it is imperative for a manager to be exposed to global business practices at the outset itself. Some of the initiatives taken by us are:

  • Tours to culturally and socially diverse Companies.
  • The exchange of ideas and interactions with leaders of the industry.
  • Live projects and internship (summer and winter) corporate tie-ups.
  • Conduct lectures, seminars, industry integration, business immersion (internship), group discussion, live projects, and capstone exercise.
  • Curriculum design keeping the global trends in view.
  • Curriculum designed by expert faculties from AIET to increase the employability of students.
  • AIET collaborations with various agencies to bring in the best career opportunities for
    students through periodic job fairs.
  • Expert faculty members from different universities.
  • Student exchange programme with various universities across India.
  • Seminars by experts on different subjects.

Placement Team:
Placement Team comprises of Placement Officer, Placement Executive, Placement and alumni coordinator and members from the student community. Placement team acts as a bridge between organizations and the institute and also provides assistance to the corporate clients.
Placement Record:
Many companies have participated in the final placement process in every last year. Participating firms spanned diverse sectors such as Analytics, Consulting, Manufacturing, IT, Market Research and others.


Our Recruiters: