A Webinar on “Train your brain in Covid-19” on 6th July, 2021 (11.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m).
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1. Current education scenario
2. Mindset of Students, parents
3. Role of faculty in this scenario
4. How to overcome this problem.
Transactional analysis
– you can understand your own behavior
– you can understand others behavior
– you can winner in your life
– you can increase your business in leaps and bounds
– You can build & Maintain an excellent relationship with others
– you can lead people successfully
– you can attain peace of mind
– you can identify the games people play with you & with that game.
– you can because ideal spouse
– you can increase your earnings
– you can improve your health
– you can understand your child deeply to make him/her super child.
– you can be an ideal parent
How to manage mental health during this pandemic?
– know about your Mental health
– write down your own bio data.
– awareness of your mental health.
– take care of your mental health.
– deeply understand about your mental health
– take proper precautions about mental health.
Relationship Maintain with everyone.
– know about your relations.
– Maintain your emotional bank account.
– important accounts of human beings.
– know about your relationship’s Deposits & withdrawal.
– problems are opportunities in relationship.
Communication skill
– clear conflicts between speaker & Audience
– Be friendly
– Hoe to say or talk?
– develop negotiations abilities.
– be effective in dealing.
– learn conversation style.
– Startup talking.
Public speaking skills.
– convincing power
– communication skill
– display your knowledge
– presentation preparation
– interview techniques
– personality development
– overcome stage fear
– presentation of speech
– Boost your self confidence
– impress your audience

Values based life

-Develop Values oriented life.
– develop spirituality, exploring ownseleves.
– proper knowledge about meditation.
– principles of integrity, values in everyday life.
– values virtues,powers and qualities in life.
-positive thinking & emotional maturity.
– value adoption for self development,family & Professional life.
– principles of better living.
– spirituality in action. – restoring and healing relationship.
-principles for a better lifestyle.
– stress free living.
Time management
– 21 strategy of time management with practice
9 Steps to achieve Goal.
1 set your goal
2 Document you goal
3 Develop positive mental attitude
4 create a burning desire to achieve your goal
5 Believe that you will achieve your goal
6 visualize your goal in alpha state
7 Give auto suggestions regularly
8 Develop the confidence
9 Take a matching action

The webinar is free of cost.

The eminent speaker :
Ashu Manchanda
Corporate Soft skill & Behavioural Trainer
Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker

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