General Department


This Department plays a sole and idiosyncratic role in an institute where the spirit of science and technology conquers. It is believed that engineering and science are, by their nature, humanistic and socially derived organization. Hence a complete science and technology education must include Pure and Applied sciences where the student’s bond application of scientific principles along with human, moral and social understanding.This is likely to be of extreme importance in a rapidly changing world where the nature of knowledge has been transformed nearly beyond recognition. It is multidisciplinary in its orientation.

Our department include four phases of learning namely, Mathematics, Physics, Communication skills, Economics and management. It is the department where students learn to perform remarkable experiments and show their brilliance. The Mathematics section offers course like linear Algebra, Calculus as well as institute elective courses in Applied mathematics. Humanities section offers legacy courses such as English,Critical Thinking and Communication Skills among other subsidiary courses.

We offer a lively program of courses for undergraduates’ student that encourages the study of Engineering on all levels. Knowledge and skills Economics and management is increasingly in demand in many areas of engineering and sciences. Therefore this department aims is providing theoretical and practical support to the undergraduate and post graduate students.