Bachelor of Engineering Science and Humanities

About the Department

The Department of Science and Humanities is the backbone of the entire Engineering Education. It supports efficiently the Engineering Departments by providing quality training in basic sciences. The main subjects Mathematics, Physics, English, Environmental Science and Management take shelter under the wide umbrella of the Department of Science and Humanities, Which equip the students with richer insights into Theoretical as well as Application oriented knowledge to become an up to date engineer. This Department also focuses on Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The qualified faculties of the department do it perfectly.


Our vision is to expand our first year students’ horizon of knowledge by exposing them to holistic education as well as enhancing their English Language competence. Department of Science and Humanities will become a centre of excellence in teaching and research, and a natural benchmark for other organizations to measure themselves against.


  • To widen intellectual perspective and enhance entrepreneurship qualities.

  • Develop technical and communicative skills to make the students industry ready.

  • To inculcate ethical values and promote social responsibility through an innovative learning process in basic sciences and humanities.

  • To provide students with soft skills and behavioural training programs in order to develop their overall personality and social consciousness.